Whoisper, whisper it yourself

Business activities between companies costs up to the 24% of the products's cost. Whoisper, using a shared knowledge platform, drastically reduces times and costs of trading.

Welcome to Whoisper, the first B2B shared knowledge platform.

Based on a Web 2.0 SaaS distributed software, through a universal language establish a link between the different corporate entities providing all the information necessary to drastically reduce times and costs of research and selection of partners and business opportunities. Every transaction will be handled by applications developed with the collaboration of several international communities that will improve daily quality, performances, security and the reliability of all the processes.


Whoisper allows to identify and obtain immediate savings on buying/selling goods/services, enhancing the professionalism and expertise of buyers and sellers. It works primarely through selection processes based on criteria submitted by the users within a simple and clean interface or on your actual IT infrastructure.


Through its universal language is able to integrate itself with many marketing tools (Search Engine Marketing, Direct Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Offline Advertising), technologies ed applications (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Web/mobile App, QRCode...).


The multidimensional rating system is able to tell in different levels the popularty and realiability index of all the subjects involved in commercial transactions.


Filters every type of opportunity that is not compatible with the submitted criteria, in order to focus only on what is needed.


It knows in advance the potential feedback of a buying/selling opportunity, in order to let you properly calibrate criteria and expectations and look into complex markets with high mobility and full of operators.


It verifies the existence of potentual partners and products and their rating in order to let companies extend boundaries of their activities without taxing market researches or complex analysis tools.