You hate complexity. We too.

Whoisper analyses the market filtering the partners, the product categories, price ranges, payment terms, geographic areas, periods you can deal with. Selection criterias are choosen in a simple and intuitive manner with our web interface or through your company's IT infrastructure. If you don't have the time to adjust your offers (or requests) to the constantly evolving market, Whoisper will show you hints about all the necessary variations in order to be always ready and competitive with the current situation.

Solid references.

Who is the entity that receives or offers opportunities? An agent? A sales director? A buyer? A buying group? If these people/companies don't work with your partner, are you sure that your data is being read only by those allowed to? Whoisper's staff periodically checks users's identity and keeps their contact data updated.

Scouting and selection.

That partner is interesting, but who are those who operates with? Which products it deals with ? Will it be affordable in deliveries? Whoisper analyses all the market operators and is able to give a rating of the partner, both commercially and logistically.

Business can't wait ?

Whoisper verifies the existence of new opportunities and if you asked for it, will warn you with e-mail, RSS or Twitter.

Control everything.

Whoisper stores every submitted opportunity and share it in a database. Both with our web interface or your IT infrastructure, it delivers every detail about the opportunity itself, their status, the number of accesses coming from potential partners.

The perfect assistant.

Did you forget to insert a promotion of a seasonal product? Didn't you have the time to manage a growing set of suppliers? Whoisper analyses your habits and market conditions, expresses and proposes already filled opportunities, that you can submit as they are or change to your liking.

Your security.

Just as like online banking and payment services, Whoisper uses in all relevant procedures cryptography and the web interfaces is secured by an SSL certificate. Every single data is entangled in a fine grained security and authorization net, so only who is authorized can see your opportunities.

No obstacles.

Whoisper is based on universally accepted internet protocols and on an open architecture that allows to professional developers a direct access through their applications.

We work with everyone.

We have several kinds of collaboration, depending on user types.